Effectrix vs Glitch2

Effectrix vs Glitch2 – Which one is better?

After covering both effect plugins it is time to compare them side by side: Effectrix vs Glitch2

Effectrix vs Glitch2 Presets:

We start the matchup with a win for Effectrix. Both effect plugins ins offer stock presets. However, there are way more stock presets coming with Effectrix. Both effect plugins offer a “randomize”/”chaos” button to come up with a randomyl generated effect pattern.

Outstanding is the possibiliy of effect-presets in the case of Effectrix: Each individual effect comes with a handful of predefined presets that you can use a starting point. Nonetheless, Glitch2 offers you the chance of copying effect-settings from one preset to another which can also come in quite handy.

Effect Arrangement:

Next up is a win by Glitch2. Unfortunately, Effectrix does not offer the possibility of changing the sequence of the effect chain. This is a huge plus for Glitch2 and grants more control on adjusting the plugin to come up with the sound that you are looking for.

Further I should mention that only Glitch2 offers the user a “solo” button that mutes all other effects within the effect chain. Thereby, you can focus on adjusting the single effect. In the case of Effectrix the user needs to manually mute each individual effect.

The Grid:

At least in my opinion the grid in Effectrix is a bit more handy due to limitiation of possibilities. Let me explain this to you. Glitch2 provides you with the possibility of adjusting the “beats” as well as the “divisions” which leads to highly customizable grid to lay down you sequences. Within my usual workflow however, I usually put these parametes always to the same values (4 and 8). Thus, I do not need the possibility of adjusting the grid and therefore perceive the predefinded grid of Effectrix as more efficient for my workflow.

Adjustment of Timing:

Glitch2 allows you to adjust the timing of the plugin via the before mentioned “beats” and “divisions” parameters. Effectrix offers a simplier but thus more easier way of simply adjusting the speed by which the effects become activie via six possible buttons (1/32, 1/16, 1/8T, 1/8, 1/4T, 1/4). I do like the option of Effectrix a bit more and thus grant the win of this round to Effectrix.


Froma pricing perspective is quite obvious that Glitch2 will win this round. Currently the price is at 24,97€ with an ongoing christmas sale. In comparison to that, Sugar Bytes’ end of the year sale leads to a pricing of 79€ for Effectrix.



Effectrix vs Glitch2 The Conclusion:

First of I want to mention, that I really like both plugins. Moreover, I do think that each one offers uniqe possibilities and has its own advantages. While effectrix may be more beginner friendly with its limited but easy adjustment possibilities, Glitch2 has way more possibilities of controlling the effects and plugin itself.

I would personally decide to go with Effectrix due to the easiness of integrating it into my workflow and using it for my beats (mostly trap beats).

You are welcome to leave your opinion and let me know what you think about the plugin.

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