CableGuys PanCake 2 interface

PanCake 2 by Cableguys – Easy Panning Modulation

PanCake 2 is a free plugin for panning modulation created by the guys at Cableguy.

PanCake 2 Features

CableGuys PanCake2 modulation curve

The plugin allows you to simply pencil in your desired modulation curve within the left half of the interface. PanCake 2 offers you two options for doing this: Soft or hard control points. The outcome of this process can range from anything from a simple sine wave to absurd schemes with gentle transitions up to sharp bends or even harsh cuts within the waveform.

Further to the left you can see number 1 to 10. Each represent an individual waveform that can be customized to your liking.

CableGuys PanCake2 LFO synch mode

The hereby created LFO can than be synched to the tempo of your host sequencer or free-running. Option ones allows anything from a fast 1/128 note modulation up to a slow 32 bars one. Option two provides you with possibilities ranging from 0.02 Hz to 5.24 kHz.

What is especially helpful is the fact that the plugin stays synched. No matter if you change the BPM of your current project or just jump to a specific section within your beat, the LFO will stay in synch.

CableGuys PanCake2 midi trigger mode

Additionally, the later can also be triggered by MIDI.

CableGuys PanCake2 mix parameter

Similiar to the effect rack of each DAW, you can also adjust the mix level of PanCake 2 within the plugin. Since I usually like to go with a standard sine curve I really use this know a lot. At 100% the effect can be quite harsh and unpleasant but when turned down you can generate quite a right mix to perfectly suit the stereo image of your beat/melody.

On a side note: it is also possible to automate almost all parameter controls of the plugin. However, I have never used this when producing beats. It might be helpful to others though and it is definitely nice to have.

Final Rating

5 Piano Rating

I am giving PanCake2 a rating of 5/5. This free plugin is really handy when spicing up loops ar melodies and it is super easy to use. On top of all of this, Cableguys even provide you with 15 stock presets that come directyl with the installation.


You are welcome to leave your opinion and let me know what you think about the plugin.

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