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Sugar Bytes Effectrix Review – The Multieffect Sequencer

If you found this article, you are definitely interested in one of the coolest plugins out there: Effectrix. Sugar Bytes has created an awesome VST to spice up your melodies and loops.

Unfortunately, there are not quite many actual reviews on the plugin in out there. Further, none of them really talk about the production of trap beats with the Effectrix plugin. Also the interesting parts of the plugin are not really pointed out.

But don’t worry. I got you. In this Effectrix review we will take a deep dive into the world of Effectrix and to end this review with a candy, you can download my free 808 Mafia style Effectrix preset bank for use in your DAW (Fl Studio, Cubase, Ableton etc.).

So lets get started.

How to get Effectrix?

First of, this section is not about downloading an Effecrix crack. This plugin is really worth buying so take your time to read this review.

Effectrix is commercially available from ist manufacturer: Sugar Bytes.

Pro Tipp: Effectrix Sale – If you can, wait for either Christmas or the End-of-the-Year which will allow you to get the plugin cheaper than usual.

How to install the plugin?

The VST is installed via a standard installation file. In the beginning you will be asked to enter your Effectrix Serial Number to proceed the installation.

After that you can choose the different plugin types: 32bit Plugin, 64bit Plugin and AAX plugin. Subsequently, you will need to set the VST plugin directories.

In the last window you will see a summary of the selected options. You will also see the „preset directory“ (which is the Effectrix plugin preset folder). If this is not a directory of your current user, Effectrix might have no stock presets.

If you encounter this problem, here is the solution for what to do when Sugar Bytes Effectrix does not show presets.

Effectrix Demo Limitations

Effectrix plugin demo versions are limited.

(1) A timeout occurs after 30 minutes or 30 days

(2) A “Buy me” pop-up occurs.

(3) Save and export do not work.

To use the plug-in without restrictions, buy the full version. Please be aware that the Effectrix demo and “full” installers are not the same, so for unlimited fun you need the “full” installer.

How to use Effectrix?

The multieffect sequencer by Sugar Bytes offers 14 effects within its interface similar to a mixer track effect chain within a DAW.

You use Effectrix simply by drawing in patterns during which the respective effect should be active. Vice verse, leave the sequence blank of the effect should not be active.

Effectrix Step Sequencer

Each effect can autonomously be drawn into its own lane. This way, while the input is playing; each effect is applied during the respective time.

14 possible effects are available:


1. X-Loop is a uniquely designer looptool.

2. Looper is a standard looptool.

3. Scratchloop is a vinyl-scratching-like looptool.

4. Reverse is a looptool that always plays the loop backwards.

5. Stretch is a classic time stretching tool.

6. Vinyl is a scratchin tool.

7. Tonal delay is a tool to tonalize/synthesize the input loop.

8. Stutter is used for gating and panning effects.

9. Crush is the plugins own bitcrusher.

10. Filter incudes 4 different filter types developed by Sugar Bytes.

11. Phaser – the name says it all.

12. Chorus is used for detuning effects to generate a widder and bigger sound.

Here is how I work with Effectrix in my own production:

I first come up with a simple, repetitive loop/melody and afterwards apply Effectrix to it.

Subsequently, I skip through the stock presets until something catches my ear. But don’t expect it to be right from the start.

The usual process includes fine tuning the arrangement of the 14 effects, taking out or adding effects within the step sequencer and adjusting the effects in the lower bottom section.

Effectrix Trap Presets [808 Mafia Type]

Sizzle, aka Southside, inspiration to a lot of young trap producers and boss of the famous producer group 808 Mafia that shaped the sound of todays trap a lot is one of the most prominet users of Effectrix.

During his periscope or instagram live videos he sometimes showed his screen and you could almost everytime see him using Effectrix presets on his melodies.

Probably everyone by now knows about his favorit presets under Factoryv1.3 1. Backward Vocals.

Effectrix backward vocals southside


You can download my own Effectrix Trap Preset Kit: The Construction Kit here:


How could Effectrix be improved

As I already covered within my Tipps & Tricks section, the installation process can be really difficult.

I was really impressed how many times I found an employee of Sugar Bytes trying to solve the customers problems.

However, I can also understand, that they prefer to answer questions and give support via mail instead of scrolling throug different posts on the internet.

Nonetheless, I feel like the installation process and the associated problem is well known to the guys at Sugar Bytes, but no changes seem to be made so far.

Due to the nature of the plugin, I envision it to not primarily be made for trap producers. But why not get on the wave and integrate new presets, that are less “chaotic” (I do not mean this in a negative fashion) and more atmospheric and suitably for spicing up simple melodies.

Unfortunately, the single effects and their sequence cannot be changed. Further, without looking into the Effectrix manual (here is a link to the pdf) the single effects and their adjustment features can be quite overwhelming.

What I really like about Effectrix

Effectrix preset presets

Another really useful feature is the option of different presets for each preset. You can find these in the upper right corner of the effect panel. This really eases the process of creating your own presets. Moreover, I think that such a plugin is even more build to experiment and create your own stuff.

Therefore, the above mention point of not being strongly focused on trap producers (which is an enormous portion of todays producers) might even be an advantage. It forces you into getting creative with the plugin.

I also need to mention that there is a huge amount of stock presets that comes with the plugin. This something that is not always the case and that I am really happy about.

Free Effectrix alternative: Glitch 2

Dblue’s Glitch 2 is a very good and free alternative to Sugar Bytes Effextrix. I have covered it in a a seperate review.

If you are curious about a comparison of both, check this review: Glitch 2 vs Effectrix.


Final Plugin-Reviews.com Rating for Effectrix

Effectrix Rating by Plugin-Reviews.com

Finally, I would grant Effectrix a rating of 4/5. I would definitely buy it again and love how it can be used to come up with new creative melodies/loops and thus sparks the process of creating unique beats. Even if these are trap beats. However, this is only my view.

You are welcome to leave your opinion and let me know what you think about the plugin.