Glitch2 complete user interface

Glitch2 – The glitchy audio effect plugin by Illformed

With the great hype around Effectrix, it is a no brainer that there might exist other similiar plugins. Illformed came up with Glitch (now available as Glitch2).

Glicth2 can be considered as an alternative to Effectrix.

Glitch2 Features

Glitch2 consits of 11 effect rows:

Glitch2 effects

1. Randomizer

2. Gater

3. Tape Stop

4. Stretcher

5. Modulator

6. Retrigger

7. Distortion

8. Delay

9. Shuffler

10. Lofi

11. Reverser

One key feature that I want to point out is the possibility of freely arranging the sequence of these effects by drag-and-drop. This adds another option of control and layer for generating unique presets to come up with dope melodies.

Glitch2 Use

Before getting more into the use of Glitch, I would like to cite the following comment that Kieran (who developed the plugin) left on Dj Ave Mcree’s video on Glitch2:

“[…] The default “presets” that come with Glitch 2 are randomly generated every time you load a new instance of the plugin. You can of course still load and save your own presets, too, but I wanted the default state to be different each time, to hopefully inspire the user with some weird and unexpected sounds. I think it also encourages the user to really dig in and explore the effects a bit more, rather than just relying on someone else’s presets.[…]” – Kieran/dblue

This mainly describes my process of using it: First I initialize the preset and start adding sequences of each effect. This way I build my own preset step by step. However, from time to time I go through the stock presets to find new ideas for coming up with own presets.

Glitch2 effect panel

When it comes down to adjusting the single effects, Glitch2 offers a huge variation of option. The effect panel at the bottom of the plugin lets you adjust a lot of different parameters.


How could Glitch2 be improved

One of the unique features of Glitch2 is the possibility of adjusting the number of beats and the number of divisions (this basically defines the grid size and length).

However, these settings change among the stock presets which leads to many of those being not (directly) usable for quickly cooking up a trap beat. I always need to readjust the grid to make it suitable for working with it.

Further, I am missing a mute button to simply take out effects to quickly check the mix with and without them. You can either take ou the complexe sequence or leave it in.


What I really like about Glitch2

The flexibility of the plugin is outstanding. The user gets full control of the different effects as well as their position among the effect chain.

Glitch2 effect panel hover

This might lead to a quite overwhelming first impression, but by simply hovering ofer the different knobs you can easily get a helpful description of what they do.

Moreover, the pricing of the plugin is really good. I envision that developing such a complex plugin takes a lot of time and testing. Nonetheless, illformed offers the plugin to a really acceptably price, which allows even producers with a small budget to get something out of their investment.

Finally, one very helpful feature is the solo button. This way you can solo each effect, adjust it to your liking and the move on to the next. Aboslutely helpful!

Final Rating

Effectrix Rating by

I would give Glitch2 a rating of 4/5. It is definitely worth its price and I would buy it again without hesitation!


You are welcome to leave your opinion and let me know what you think about the plugin.

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