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Tone2 Electra2 Review -VST-synthesizer Test

Welcome to this Tone2 Electra2 VST review on Plugin-Reviews.com You have chosen the right VST-synthesizer to take a close look at. Electra2 by Tone2 is proclaimed as “the only synth you need to create a hit”.

Recently, it has been getting more attention within the trap producer scene due to one of the hottest upcoming producer Pyrex Whippa. Further, Nick Mira, member of Internet Money, is one of the well known user of this beautiful synthesizer plugin.

Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to gain detailed information about the plugin. Especially, its capabilities of creating your own Electra2 presets and banks is something that is not covers well enough.

However, you have come to the right place for a complete Tone2 Electra2 review with details on how to generate your own custom presets for the VST. Let’s have a look at it!

Tone2 Electra2 – 8 Step Installation Guide

1) Close your current DAW.

2) Run the Tone2_Electra_v2.7.5_full_32bit.exe or Tone2_Electra_v2.7.5_full_64bit.exe depending on your system.

3) Choose an directory to install the plugin, that is accessable via your DAW. E.g. […]Fl Studio 20/Plugins/VST/Tone2 Electra2

4) Open your DAW

5) Rescan your plugins. In Fl Studio this done via the tab “Add” and then “Refresh plugin list ( fast scan) ”

Locate the new VST in the left toolbar under Plugin database –> Installed –> Generators

6) Left-click in the “Click here to activate the product” screen.

7) Locate and select the key file (Electra2.t2k).

8) Restart the plugin (and maybe your DAW) and you are ready to start.

Electra2 vs ElectraX – What is the difference?

To make it simple Electra2 is the updated version to Tone2’s ElectraX.

Among the benefits is a much faster loading speed of the plugin, sound improvement of the presets, additional patches and a new sample editor.

In summary, Tone2 has updated and added lot of features in order to improve the process of sound design in comparison to ElectraX. However, don’t worry, the new synthesizer VST is downward compatible with ElectraX.

The user interface:

Browser Section

Electra2 browser section

In the top left of the plugin located is the browser section. This is where you can choose between the different categories/banks and their integrated presets.

Electra2 comes with a huge load of presets and can easily be expanded by free and paid banks that can be found everywhere around the web.

I will show you later how to install them.

Sound Section

Electra2 sound section

Next to it is the sound section. Here you can adjust the overall volume, the modwheel and take care of the overall mix via a low-mid-high EQ-section.

Masterfx Section

Electra2 masterfx section

The masterfx section let’s you apply effects reverb, delay, chorus and many more to the overall output of the plugin.

Oscillator Section

Electra2 oscillator section

The oscillator section consists of 4 different full synth layers that can be turned off or on at the top. Each synth layer can have up to three different oscillators.

Each oscillator windows offers the user the possibility of changing the synthesis type ( available options: wavetable, ultrasaw, noise/fractal, sample, custom wave).

Especially, the feature of inserting a sample and even autotuning it is really standing out at this point.

Further, to the left, the classicial parameters such as octave, interval of the octave, fine tune and the tone as well as the pulsewave (“PW”) can be adjusted via knobs.

Filter Section

Electra2 filter section

Next is the filter section with the option of adding two different filters with predefined settings. Moreover, the user can adjust the filters resonance, drive, keytracking, envelope and ringmodulation.

The plugin also offers the option between parallel and serial routing of the filters.

Arpeggiator Section

Electra2 arpeggiator section

The arpeggiator section offers the user different modes of arpeggiation with adjustment possibility of the different keys and speed of the effect.

The first row lets you adjust the arpeggiator type, the speed, the swing, the chord mode and the retrigger mode.

The second line is used to control the volume of the different parts of the arpeggiator. Finally, the third row is responsible for settng the actual key of the note within the sequence.

Settings Section

Electra2 settings section

The settings section of Electra2 can get quite complex. Most of the settings are beyond my knowledge. But one big advantage of the plugin is that simply hovering over a specific know display a small and descriptive overlay explaining the specific funtion.

Insert FX Section

Electra2 insert fx section

Similiar to the master fx section, the insert fx section allows you to choose between different effects for the currently active synthesizer layer. (Remeber: there are up to 4 layers that can be used.)

Envelope Section

Electra2 envelope section

Probablly well know to even a beginner at sound desigining: the envelope with adjustment possibilities of the attack, delay, sustain and release.

Matrix Section

Electra2 matrix section

The matrix section is one of the dimes of the plugin. Tone2 has integrated 10 matrix columns within the matrix. For each column you first choose the source, then the destination and finally the amount of modulation that you want to apply.

LFO Section

Electra2 lfo section

Last but not least, Electra2 offers 3 LFOs as well as a StepLFO to use as a source for the before mentioned sound modulation via the matrix section.

Tone2 Electra2 Presets

How do I integrate Electra2 banks? [3 Steps]

It is super easy to install a new Electra2 bank.

1) Find the folder that you have installed the plugin in. You can easily search your computer for the folder: “ElectraX_sounds

2) Copy your Electra2 bank into this folder.

3) That’s it. Open the VST in your DAW and start using the presets.

How do I create my own Electra2 presets? [2 Steps]

This is super easy, too.

Electra2 settings section

1) Create your own preset.

Either start by pressing “INIT” and select “Reset all” (the plugin might need a couple of seconds for that) or tweeking and existing one to your liking.

Electra2 browser section

2) Press the “File” button and select “Save patch as …”.

Then locate your Electra2 bank folder, create a new folder with your Bank name and save it in there.

25 Free Tone2 Electra2 Trap Presets

To show you how easy it is, I have created 25 trap presets for free download. You can find them here.

How could the VST be improved

I honestly don’t think that the plugin can be improved so I will just leave this empty.

What I really like about the plugin

The plugin offers you immense possibilities of adjusting the sound and creating your own presets. Especially helpful is the fact, that every section is displayed in one window. Thus, you do not need to change between any windows for adjusting the parameters which helps the workflow very much.

Final Plugin-Reviews.com Rating

5 Piano Rating

I give Tone2’s Electra2 a 5/5 rating. The plugin has everything that I am looking for and it is really fun coming up with own presets and creating my own sound. I would not hesitate to buy it again if I had to. It even gets more fun when combining the plugin with either Effectrix or Glitch2:

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You are welcome to leave your opinion and let me know what you think about the plugin.

Link to the manual for Electra2