Sugar Bytes Effectrix does not show presets

Sugar Bytes Effectrix does not show presets

Sugar Bytes Effectrix is well know by famous 808 Mafia Boss Southside aka Sizzle.

But a lof ot producers realize that Sugar Bytes Effectrix is not working after the initial installation.

The following common problem occurs:


Sugar Bytes Effectrix does not list any presets

Here are three options to solve this

  1. A simple uninstall and reinstall process of the program might already help.
  2. For Mac users there is a slight different approach: First locate the plist (preset list) file. Usually it is located under USER/Library/Preferences/com.sugar-bytes.Effectrix.plist . Delete the plist file and then delete the programm and reinstall it.
  3. Since I am using Windows, neither approach 2 nor the first step helped me. However, i finally figured it out.


Listing Sugar Bytes Effectrix presets on Windows

During the installation process, right after selecting the locations for the installation you will see a short summary of the differnt installation paths.

Subsequently, the plugin shows a path below “Preset Directory:” in which the presets will be installed. However, the problem is, that this path cannot be changed.

Now here is the deal: The programm is installed usually with your admin user.

A lot of people, including myself, do not grant ther usual user admin rights for safety reasons.

Usually, you are asked for your admin password for installation but besides that everything works.

In the case of the installation of Sugar Bytes Effectrix the preset folder is generated within the document folder of the admin user and not the current user.

The directory might look like this: ( C:\Users\User\Documents\Sugar Bytes\Effectrix\).

Even copying the folder into the current users Documents path does not help.


Temporarily change the account type to Administrator for the installation process

Luckily, Nadine from Sugar Bytes posted the following solution with the KVR forum:

1. Click Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts.
2. Got to -> Change The Account Type and temporarily choose Administrator for the installation process.
3. Subsequently, use the same way to set the account type back to standard user.


Let me know if this helped you. Further if there is a plugin that you would like to see a review on send me a message via my contact form.